Are you sick of people treating your growing business like a hobby?

It is not always easy to build a creative business, especially if people don’t see the value in what you provide. 

I need to set better business boundaries.

Maybe if I up my prices it will get better.

How can I attract my ideal clients?

What does a stress free workflow look like?

How do I make my business legal?






I know how frustrating this is because I have been there too.

I am here to tell you how I navigated my way out of hobby and into business mode. Here is the deal, learn from my journey and get to success faster! I am sick of seeing passionate and creative photographers be taken advantage of, set your business up to be more than a free experience! 

Building your business on firm ground can make or break the dream of success. Slowly and part time is how I built this dream. I would stay up late and research websites lingo, and how to pay taxes. Let me share with you what I wish I had known when I started, I can save you a few long nights of hair pulling, and tell you how I did it, what I did wrong, and even offer some advice on what I would do again.

I am here to share with you my business course, so you can learn from my mistakes and join me as a successful business owner who knows when to say yes, and when to say no.

"Amanda has taught me so much about learning how to create lasting relationships with my clients as well as establishing healthy boundaries for my work/life balance! She's helped me recognize tools to help streamline my business side of operations so I have more time to focus on what's really important: my clients!"

- Anna

never having to explain your prices again, or taking on clients who don’t respect your boundaries. Think about how it will feel to have your business focused on your goals and not the comparison trap!

You deserve to take your business seriously - so others will follow suit. 

A three part course to help photographers see their business potential and stop being considered a hobbyist.

IN this course, you will learn how to:

Set the foundation of your legal business. 

Gain confidence in setting up your ledgers.

Pinpoint your reason for starting a business.

Identify your ideal client and how to connect with them.

Make boundaries so you can enjoy being a business owner with a life.

Serve your clients with quality images and fun experiences.

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This chapter covers much of what you need to build a foundation of success for a photography business. Covering topics like “when I decided to become an LLC” and “how I started making my own ledger to track money” are topics you can expect to feel more confident about after this chapter. Pay close attention to the non-paperwork related issues, like how to build boundaries and find ideal clients.

business needs

module 1

Without clients, it would be called a hobby. Let me tell you my secrets to connecting with clients and truly honoring those who trust me with their memories. I will talk about how I narrow down my clients, how I market to them, and how I onboard them so they keep coming back.

Client experience

module 2

Session flows are so important, your business will be solid, your clients will be happy, but how will you stay organized? This chapter is all about staying sane as a business owner, and I give you links to all my favorite life saving products and websites! This was the first step I took in building up my business and it really made me confident and acknowledged that my time was money. 

session flow

module 3

"I love all the information! I learned so much, especially how to feel more confident with my small business financials. There is so much I want to do now, I can't wait to build my business, not on borrowed land!"

- Laura

"Moved at a nice pace! Felt content was explained well and concise. A lot of info put into terms that were easily understood. Would definitely recommend it!”

- Jessica

"The way you teach makes it easy to attack any client situation. I feel more prepared and excited for my next shoot. Your course is worth every penny. Thank you for helping me set myself up for success."

- Alex

My Ride or Die Shooting Tools

Download - This quick document highlights the tools I use to run my business and why I couldn’t do it all without them! 

In addition to “Building Your Business with Burman” course you will also receive:

Why I decided to change my tax status: Sole Proprietor vs. S-Corp

Video Course - Come along as I explain why I decided to stop filing as a sole proprietor and moved to a S-Corp Tax Election. 

Accounting Ledger Template

Download + Video - When you are first starting the big name companies charge too much to track your money, so I did it myself. With the help of my accountant I created a monthly ledger to help track income, expenses and more. You get this free with a short video to help get you started. 

“Workflow, Editing, and Delivery - Oh My!”

Video Course - I explain how I do all of this in my “Building Your Business with Burman” course, but some just need to have a better visual! Here is your visual - come along as a record my desktop and verbally walk you through how I handle files right after a session. I back everything up, cull, edit, export, upload, and deliver - you get to watch it all! 

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frequently asked questions

You will magically have a successful business boom, done. Just kidding, you will get an email with information on how to access the course and then you can start learning, so THEN you can have a successful business.

This material is perfect for any photography niche! When I started shooting professionally, I was mainly family, newborn, and seniors, but now I am primarily brands and weddings and all the information still applies!

Forever! When you buy I will send reminder emails so you don’t forget to do the work, but after that you will have access to rewatch and continue learning! Also, as I update and add bonus material, you also get those updates too!

Don’t we all need some affirmation that we are doing it all right? Yes, this would be great for anyone under 5 years of running a photography business. The topics covered would benefit all those still getting their foundation set as a business owner. 

Great news, I offer one on one mentoring and have many options where we can meet for 2 hours, or regularly for three months. You will get an email with that information upon purchase! 

Abandon your hobby and start your business!

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“This course was a game changer for my own photography business. She covered everything from booking the session, shooting the session, post-session workflow and some of the back office topics less seasoned business owners don’t always think about. She’s the first to offer a genuine compliment and cheer on others successes."

- Shey

Let’s be real - my business viewpoint is all about authenticity and credibility, so I am not going to throw you a curveball and tell you this offer is only available this week. Because I don’t plan on keeping this information from people.

So, the most accurate thing I can tell you is that by putting off purchasing “Building Your Business with Burman” - you will just be wasting more of your time, and money trying to figure it all out. Instead of treading water, how about you get on my boat, rest, learn, and prepare to sprint for the beach - and by beach I mean success.

Seven short years ago I was exactly where you are now!

I was a full time high school teacher using what little freetime I had to serve clients and grow my business. I learned some really hard lessons and I want to prevent others from going through the same headaches. 

This is important to me because I love seeing people succeed, did you see that I was a teacher? I thrive on sharing information, leading groups to “ah-ha” moments, and cheering students on. It is in my blood. 

The minute I decided to leave the classroom and become a full time professional photographer, I knew I would still teach, lead, and cheer. Learn how I pave my way to a full time photographer title and how I did it by creating a solid foundation to stand on! 

For one payment of $299 you will immediately gain access to:

Three part course

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module 1

module 2

module 3

Business Needs

Client Experience

Session Flow


My Ride or Die Shooting Tools

Why I decided to change my tax status: Sole Proprietor vs. S-Corp

Accounting Ledger Template

“Workflow, Editing, and Delivery - Oh My!”

Here’s the thing, I value your time - how about you start doing the same?

You have the camera, you have the talent, you even have a few clients, what is stopping you from turning that hobby into a thriving business?

Build Your Business Now