Commercial work is something I have grown to love. I get to hear about business plans, hopes, social media goals. These things give me life and meeting the brains behind these things also makes my own business heart happy. 

We need community, and quality images, so why not come with me? I also offer amazing coffee during commercial shoots, and I have quickly learned, those who hustle, need good coffee.

Because commercial work covers so many mediums, I made an entire page dedicated to my commercial work and the workflow you can expect, saunter your busy eyes over there and let us make magic. 

Products, people, feelings: three things that sell. If you are a small business wanting to upgrade your product photography, an influencer hoping to capture quality content, maybe your firm just needs updated headshots, I can help.

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I want you to feel special from the moment contact is established. There will be a few emails where I introduce myself, give more information on pricing, double checking date availability and then if everything lines up, formal booking. 

After the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, we schedule your engagement session. Don't worry I don't leave you hanging. You will be getting emails that are pegged to be helpful at certain points in the planning process. I will give you tips on building a timeline, and send you some date night ideas that have nothing to do with wedding planning. There might even be some coloring pages coming your way because something you just need some wine and color time. I will be there answering all the questions!

At the wedding I will be there fanning you, making sure your bustle is done correctly, and help keep everyone on schedule. After the wedding I will post sneak peaks within a day and send you snail mail surprises. There will be anywhere from 3-5 weeks before you get your online gallery, but it will be worth the wait!

When shooting weddings I have one goal, to capture the day in a classic manner that will make you smile when you flip through the pages of your album in the years to come.

There are four packages ranging from 3 hours of wedding coverage to 10 hours.
Packages start at $1,200

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Mentoring, coachings, guiding: That is exactly what I was built to do. 

Teaching was my first love, then coaching, and directing. My mom always joked that anything I started, I would end up running. She was right. I love being proficient, and helpful in my crafts, and photography and small business practices are not immune. 

I would love to help you, and there is so much information about mentoring, that I made an entire page, not just a section. So head on over there and see if we are a good fit, and if you are ready for the next steps in your business.

I went to college for it, the world feels balanced when I teach. I offer three types of mentorships, and I guarantee you will find one that will allow your potential to shine.

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