Since leaving the classroom I moved my educator skills to this platform and offer workshops on photography and courses to help new photographers. 

A decade as a teacher, photographer, and business owner

Educating the future photographer is my passion.

"Ride or Die" - Shooting Tools

If you want to know my “ride or die” shooting tools for my photography business and why I use them, sign up below and I will give you all the details about the 6 programs and websites that keep booking.

Building Your Business

Building your business on firm ground can make or break the dream of success. Slowly and part time is how I built this dream. I would stay up late and research websites lingo, and how to pay taxes. Let me share with you what I wish I had known when I started, I can save you a few long nights for hair pulling, and tell you how I did it, what I did wrong, and even off some advice on time management. This course is perfect for the part time photographer thinking about going full time, or the jumped feet first photographer who wants to double check their ground as they grow. Join me as I share my secrets and help you feel more confident. 


i'm ready to learn

Workflow, Editing, and Delivery, Oh My!

Have ever wondered what editing a session looks like, I am talking walking back into your home after a session until delivery of the gallery? Come along and let me show you how I handle all the files from sitting down at my computer, backing up images, culling, editing in Lightroom Classic and then delivering the gallery! This would be so helpful for a new photographer, a blogger, even a mom who wants to do a slight edit and organize the year in photos.


i'm ready to learn

"I loved learning from Amanda, this course taught me more about my camera than any college course. I can't wait to use my camera and start to use this new information!"

- Lauren

"Amanda, thank you so much for making this course. My husband and I welcomed a baby girl last week and this course has been life changing. Of course we want to capture every moment, but we aren't camera savvy so our attempts at newborn photography were disappointing. Your course could not have come at a better time. Yesterday we did a mini shoot and your tips and tricks made a huge difference. What you have given to use new parents is a true gift.

- Nikki

"The way you teach makes it easy to attack any light situation and client. I feel more prepared and excited for my next shoot. Your course is worth every penny.

- Alex