For those who value being present during milestones, and for those who want to see their dreams come to visual form, and for people who are eager to learn how to be a better creative...

For 8 years, I have come alongside women as they step into milestone moments like, a young lady braving a world of possibilities at the end of high school, a women preparing to become a wife, and a new mom sleepily stumbling into the world of motherhood. 

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Beyond these milestones I enjoy helping businesses grow and for creatives and noncreative alike to have a place to come and grow, with a camera in their hands.

Keep your newborn safe, take your own lifestyle newborn pictures with your phone. This course was built and recorded quickly for new moms at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I love snuggling a fresh baby and catching up with a new mom, I knew it would not be responsible to continue these types of sessions. 

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DIY Phone Newborn Photography + Editing

I have shot almost 100 weddings, and I can tell you the best thing I can bring to a wedding is not a fancy new camera, it is a solid timeline. Building a timeline with your couple is crucial to your success on the wedding day (and beyond).

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Wedding Timeline Building Course

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"Choosing Amanda was an obvious choice based on her previous work and ample recommendations. She made us feel relaxed and comfortable to be in front of the camera. Her attention to detail and ability to capture our personalities verified our decision."

- Alex + Cassi

"I loved learning from Amanda, this course taught me more about my camera than any college course. I can't wait to use my camera and start to use this new information!"

- Lauren

Hire Amanda because she captures amazing moments, and makes everyone, even my grandma, feel special. Her humor and ability to see every part of the day as special put my heart at ease and caused me to cry happy tears when our gallery was delivered.

- Allison