Springboard Meeting

"Amanda has taught me so much about learning how to create lasting relationships with my clients as well as establishing healthy boundaries for my work/life balance! She's helped me recognize tools to help streamline my business side of operations so I have more time to focus on what's really important: my clients!" - Anna

"Amanda is a teacher for life. I know because I use to be a teacher also and once it’s your calling you will always find ways to educate others. I met Amanda when we hired her for our wedding in 2017! I bought a used camera and was dabbling with the idea of doing wedding photography myself. Amanda was kind enough to let me tag along to second shoot and was so helpful with camera settings, posing, etc. In July of 2019 I attended her "Build Your Business with Burman Workshop and it was a game changer for my own photography business. She covered everything from booking the session, shooting the session, post-session workflow and some of the back office topics less seasoned business owners don’t always think about. She’s the first to offer a genuine compliment and cheer on others successes. Amanda is always willing to give advice and pushes her mentees to pursue growth and gain confidence. If you work with Amanda, even once, you will have a friend and a cheerleader for life."  - Shey

Sometimes you just need answers to a few questions, clarity, and then you take off into the world, and find success.

Springboard meetings are meant to help you find a few answers, tips, advice, and then you take off. You already have motivation, you just need some help with email lists, a Lightroom hang up, or SEO frustration. These are quick things that I can help you with.

Join me in person, or on a recorded virtual meeting, we will attack the question and I will send you off with some notes (typed to send later) and a plan to conquer the issues at hand. 


Business Guide

I am not the all knowing guard of information, instead I take on the role of guide. Let me show you around, and share what I have learned in my years of running a business.

Business guide mentoring lasts 3 months and you will have the ability to meet in person, or virtually two times a month. There will be homework and sometimes soul searching, even rerouting dreams. Service based businesses are what I know, but product based businesses are also welcome.

These meetings are great for navigating start up ideas, planning social media, getting your email list started and making an active funnel. Connecting you with more professionals to help your business grow, would also be a goal. You need a CPA, an insurance provider, a backoffice helper, I can lead the way. 

One fun bonus to this mentorship is free access to my digital course "Building Your Business with Burman" so you can have help beyond our in person time together.

Are you ready to share ideas with someone who can give you the map to make them happen? Then let's start planning our first meeting, and make some memories on the way to your success!