Are you struggling to find a groove with your workflow, editing, and delivery?

This video course is going to help you stay calm and collected come busy season. 

Keeping your raw files organized?

Quickly culling your images?

Editing a simple and fast preview?

Sizing your images correctly?

Making social media posts inside Lightroom?

How to export your images?

What service to use for delivering your galleries?

What to say in the delivery email?

Nervousness in deleting your raw images after delivery?










"Amanda thank you so much for this! I loved that I signed up for mostly organization tips, but also got some editing and posing tips mixed in. I am already seeing a faster turn around for my sessions and feel confident in my filing. So excited. 

- Jason

Learning by trial and error is a sure fire way to lose files, or deliver galleries late. 

Look, I found my groove and a solid workflow when I was still teaching and shooting full time, I had two kids under three and my husband worked late nights. I could not afford to spend more time on the computer. I developed a simple organization program for all my files, and a secure and confident way of back up my files while also editing. 

I protect my files like they are irreplaceable people and you should do the same! I also use special programs to help move my workflow along so I don’t miss bedtime (the kids or mine!) Come take a look at home I was able to tackle 30 min sessions and have the images back in the client's hands within three days, and still got to bed before 11pm.

A video course to help photographers get their time back without hiring an editor, assistant, or nanny. 

IN this course, you will learn how to:

Cull your images

Rate you images

Find a great organizing system

Posing tips for a couple

Fast editing examples

Make social posts in Lightroom

Duplicate and make an image black and white

Export all edited images

Upload to a gallery service

What to say when delivering

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"Where have you been my whole life? This is going to make my fall season so much smoother, I might even see my own kids more now!"

- Abby

"Moved at a nice pace! Felt content was explained well and concise. A lot of info put into terms that were easily understood. Would definitely recommend it!”

- Jessica

"Just seeing how someone else organizes there files was great, the posing and lighting tips were also a great bonus! Thank you Amanda I can't wait to use some of these tips."

- Ashlee

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You will immediately have access to this video course, and find peace of mind during your busy season! 

This material is perfect for any photography niche! When I started shooting professionally, I was mainly family, newborn, and seniors, but now I am primarily brands and weddings and all the information still applies!

Forever! When you buy I will send reminder emails so you don’t forget to do the work, but after that you will have access to rewatch and continue learning! Also, as I update and add bonus material, you also get those updates too!

Don’t we all need some affirmation that we are doing it all right? Yes, this would be great for anyone under 5 years of running a photography business. The topics covered would benefit all those still getting their foundation set as a business owner. 

Great news, I offer one on one mentoring and have many options where we can meet for 2 hours, or regularly for three months. You will get an email with that information upon purchase! 

...t0 get organized and wow your clients with a fast turn around!

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I often wish I could have had someone show me this when I first started my photography business. I imagine I would have been more confident and slept a lot more! I remember feeling like I had to edit fast just so I didn't lose my files, now that I have a organized system, everything just feels connected and ready to take off.

- Amanda

Let’s be real - my business viewpoint is all about authenticity and credibility, so I am not going to throw you a curveball and tell you this offer is only available this week. Because I don’t plan on keeping this information from people.

So, the most accurate thing I can tell you is that by putting off purchasing this course you will just be wasting more of your time, and money trying to figure it all out. Instead of treading water, how about you get on my boat, rest, learn, and prepare to sprint for the beach - and by beach I mean success.

Seven short years ago I was exactly where you are now!

I was a full time high school teacher using what little freetime I had to serve clients and grow my business. I learned some really hard lessons and I want to prevent others from going through the same headaches. 

This is important to me because I love seeing people succeed, did you see that I was a teacher? I thrive on sharing information, leading groups to “ah-ha” moments, and cheering students on. It is in my blood. 

The minute I decided to leave the classroom and become a full time professional photographer, I knew I would still teach, lead, and cheer. Learn how I pave my way to a full time photographer title and how I did it by creating a solid foundation to stand on! 

For one payment of $99 you will immediately gain access to:

Workflow, Editing, and Delivery - Oh My!

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a comprehensive video course designed to help you get your
time back and find your groove

Cull & rate images

Fast editing examples

Systems organization

Posing tips for couples

Social posts in Lightroom

Duplicate an image and make it black & white

Export all edited images

Upload to a gallery service

What to say when delivering

Take one hour and learn how to make your workflow even better.

You can wow your clients with fast turn around time, and feel confident in your file management. Make this one stressor something you can actually feel good about. 

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