Carly + Reid

We spent many emails planning our session, we sent maps, made plans, talked about packing boots for mud and even discussed how to keep a dress clean.

Then it snowed.

A lot.

I called Carly, while driving home from a wedding, almost in tears because the roads were so bad, and we went to plan “G”…. “G” for greenhouse. When Carly and Reid showed up, I was so cold and we froze getting in the buildings, then within minutes we were sweating. So much fun pretending it was summer and capturing their young, blossoming love. (See what I did there?)

They met on accident, both going to a concert with mutual friends. They love being outdoors with each other hunting, fishing, kayaking, and cooking.¬† They have always loved walking the Huntington Reservoir together and hunt there as well. He proposed there too! That was our original plan, even though we couldn’t get there due to inches of snow, we were able to capture their love of nature thanks to Reed’s Do It Best¬†seriously, go buy their plants, they are the best.

They loved wearing their boots in the session, it was great to see what they wear everyday! Reid was such a good sport, he laughed, followed directions, and just loved on Carly. I think they are going to love marriage.


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