Grahm & Katie

Grahm’s sister set him up.

In a good way of course. It was through his sister, Hadley, that Grahm met Katie. See Katie was a mentor to Hadley and one day when bringing Hadley home, Grahm laid eyes on Katie, and the rest is history.

Katie says that they love doing things outside: walking, riding bikes, finding fun trails. Grahm likes working on cars or anything he needs to fix, and Katie says she likes to sit and watch while eating snacks, this is hilarious and true. Katie is one of most relaxed brides I have met.

Their wedding day in May was beautiful, sunny and just a little windy. I loved the laid back atmosphere of the day, as you can see from the comfortable shoes, things were off to a great start! [Fun fact: I am pretty sure Katie was barefoot most of the day anyway.] The venues and other fun information are linked below.

Church: New Hope Lutheran Church

Session Venue: White Rock Barn and Terrace

Reception + Catering: Mirage Banquet Hall

Family was the center of this day. Moms helped get the bride and groom ready, siblings stood back and smiled, and dads, well they chuckled and even teared up a bit.

Katie and Grahm did not do a first look, so this reaction and holding back of tears was true to the moment. I love a good first look, but I also appreciate a big surprise. The ceremony was sweet and meaningful. I loved seeing them hold hands and giggle.

The wedding was beautiful.

The bride and groom clearly in love.

It was their first dance that put everyone into a puddle.

Katie has an amazing voice. I have known this for years, hearing her sing for school, in the hall way, during class…. at Walmart. The girl isn’t shy and she used that voice to surprise her husband.

She professionally recorded a song, Grahm had no idea and he cried as they swayed. Their first dance was to his wife’s amazing voice. Do you want to hear it? I bet you do! Listen here.


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