Business Clean Up – Day 1 – Send a “Thank You”

Sending a Thank You card has been something high on my list because my mom taught me how it made people feel. We normally got “Thank you” cards to fill out in our stockings at Christmas so we could write them after all the opening of gifts was complete. 

I look at my clients as gifts. They are people who trust me, who value my work, and continue to support my business, they deserve to be thanked. 

I enjoy getting little cards of thanks, but as we live in a world of fast paced living, and with my client list growing, I found it close to impossible to send thank you CARDS to everyone. Now, I send a “Thank You” email to all clients, and tangible “Thank You” gifts to my wedding couples. 

Take a moment and write an email of thanks. I wrote an entire blog on why this is important and how I do this using Flodesk, my email provider. You can also write something up on Gmail and just send it to all the client emails. Be sure to BCC so you aren’t sharing their emails with other people. 

Task Number 1: Thank your clients with a note, or email.


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