Business Clean Up – Day 3 – Update Website Images

There is nothing worse than opening a 3 year old website, with THREE YEAR old images

Do you know how much your work has changed since you made that website? So much. I have a theory that making a website sucks so much time and creative juice out of your beautiful soul, that you are scared to go back. Afraid to feel those feelings again. Well, let me tell you, it isn’t that bad. 

Don’t go and try to get a whole new template, just update your galleries, portfolios, and key images! These are the things people really want to see, they want to see your current work. Take some time and go through your favorite sessions and make a “Favorites” folder where you keep the best images. Then upload to your website and start updating. 

I think it is good to know where I host my URL, where I purchased my piece of the internet, who I host my website through, what helps me make it pretty and functional and who recently did a one of a kind website design for me! These are good to know, but let’s not forget, it all started with a FREE Blogger website, I hope you all understand the humble pie just smashed in my face by linking this old website! 

My URL: GoDaddy

Internet Property: Bluehost

Website Host: WordPress

Design Home: Showit 

Designer: Branded by Bernel

You don’t need fancy, but you do need updated.

Task 3: Update all galleries, portfolios, and key images on your website. 


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