Business Clean Up – Day 30 – Do you need a coach?

Task #30: Hire a business coach!

Is this a shameless plug. No.

The year I hired a business coach, I doubled my income, launched digital courses, grew my email list, opened a studio, and even launched a new one of a kind website.

Having someone come into my busienss who could answer questions about small moves, and big moves made me feel confident and capable.

My coach helped me view my business as just that, an seperate entity that was saturated with my personality, but was not an extension of myself. I had to nuture it seperatly. I had to make seperate goals and to really state what success meant.

Having clear paths to walk, or sometimes sprint down, helped me have my first successful year, a year I planned and didn’t just fall into on accident.

Very few people pick up a camera and start a business knowing they will be successful! Actually, I would even say most photographers fall into success on accident! The business side can be overwhelming, having someone who has navigated those waters ahead of you is priceless.

My coach, Cinnamon Wolfe, gets me. She knows my kids names and how my husbands job change was going to put my business at the front of our family needs. My coach saw my needs and when we met one on one she came ready to help.

With her help, I was able to set reachable goals, I had someone help me make lists for my business in the order they needed to be done! Her confidence in me helped foster confidence in myself. She has written numerous blog posts about just what I needed!

She made a post recently on Instagram that really spoke to knowing when it was time to hire a business coach. Check it out and give her a follow.

If you are ready to learn more about 1:1 mentoring with me, I offer three types:

  1. Springboard meetings are meant to help you find a few answers, tips, advice, and then you take off. You already have motivation, you just need some help with email lists, a Lightroom hang up, or SEO frustration. These are quick things that I can help you with. Join me in person, or on a recorded virtual meeting, we will attack the question and I will send you off with some notes (typed to send later) and a plan to conquer the issues at hand. 
  2. Business Guide Mentoring lasts 3 months and you will have the ability to meet in person, or virtually two times a month. There will be homework and sometimes soul searching, even rerouting dreams. Service based businesses are what I know, but product based businesses are also welcome. These meetings are great for navigating start up ideas, planning social media, getting your email list started and making an active funnel. Connecting you with more professionals to help your business grow, would also be a goal. You need a CPA, an insurance provider, a backoffice helper, I can lead the way. 
  3. Photographer Skill Mentorship is something I was was available when I started my photography journey! I learned about my camera and made mistakes at sessions, I wish I knew how to talk to clients from the start and how to make workflows that were fast and didn’t steal time from my family and friends.  If you are starting your photography business, maybe a few years in and just need help with technique, editing style, lighting, client communication, workflows, and more, this is the mentorship for you. Come along in person or virtually to talk about basics of portrait photography, have a portfolio critique, create your own preset, and lastly shoot a session with me!

Would you like to hear more, maybe just hope on a call to see if this is what you need? Contact me here.



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