I was a high school teacher for ten years. The art of teaching love stories and finding beauty in words, it was where I found steady ground. I grew this photography business while I loved teenagers, toddlers, and my husband.

It actually took a high school girl to wake up and start following my dreams and to stop being a creature of comfort. She said: "You push us to chase our dreams and follow our talents, why are you still in this room?"

Now, I help tell love stories with a camera, not a textbook. 

A decade as a teacher, photographer, and business owner has taught me how to be flexible, how to sprinkle just the right amount of sarcasm in a conversation, and how to intuitively capture the genuine moments.

I am wife to Ben and mom to Amelia and Harrison. We love boating, growing our garden, and working as family to run all our businesses. Ben owns an insurance agency and helps me with my rentable studio space, Parlor Studios

AManda Burman

Photographers are STORYTELLERS, we are historians.

i wholeheartedly believe that

I love telling your story, and my own, with film.

A Jack of all trades is a master of none,

but often times better than a master of one.



Mentoring & Education


Weddings have been, and always will be such a joy in my career, but this is just one pillar of my business. I also shoot for small brands, portrait sessions, offer mentoring, and digital courses. I even find myself educating at conference and workshops. I believe you never master something, you should always be learning. explore some of my other pillars with the link located here.

I am a midwest wedding photographer for the intentional couple with classic style.

Utilizing both digital and medium format film camera, I travel to Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana to capture the deeply proud, hardworking, and beautiful heart of America while they celebrate. 

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