I'm Amanda,

Burman Photography all started to take shape after my first baby, Amelia. I wanted to capture every moment, like every mom, right? I took photography in high school, spent some time in the dark room developing film, so when I picked up an older camera, it all started coming back to me. After a few months of sharing images of my sweet baby, friends began asking me to do their pictures and when I wanted to upgrade my camera, the husband urged me to start the business. I rolled my eyes.

"I always assumed people wanted formal studio portraits and that was never going to be my style. I guess you could say I was ahead of my time then."

I ended up becoming a teacher, see I love literature, dance, music and photography, sprinkle in some water polo or swimming, and it was basically my life before kids. I spent ten years leading 15-18 year olds through William Shakespeare and Harper Lee. This time in the classroom helped me foster some of the dearest relationships I have ever known. Now, I moved my educator skills to this platform and offer workshops on photography and courses to help new photographers. 

The years of learning the settings on a film camera and then spending too much time in a dark room figuring the perfect exposure, all led me have an appreciation for photography as an art. A decade as a teacher, photographer, and business owner have taught me how to be flexible, yet steadfast and I am eager to share my skills and time with you.

"Choosing Amanda was an obvious choice based on her previous work and ample recommendations. She made us feel relaxed and comfortable to be in front of the camera. Her attention to detail and ability to capture our personalities verified our decision."

- Alex + Cassi

"I loved learning from Amanda, this course taught me more about my camera than any college course. I can't wait to use my camera and start to use this new information!"

- Lauren

Hire Amanda because she captures amazing moments, and makes everyone, even my grandma, feel special. Her humor and ability to see every part of the day as special put my heart at ease and caused me to cry happy tears when our gallery was delivered.

- Allison

a few of my favs

1.  Diet Coke

2.  Chips and Salsa

3.  French Press Coffee

4.  Snuggles from my kids

5. Teaching

6. Making Banana Bread

So much of my business is about relationships. I want to come along side you, I want to hear about your struggles and text about frustrations. Celebrating with you with my camera, and mourning with you over coffee.

Pretty pictures, carefully curated content, and a solid business plan are wonderful, 

...but without people to lean on and celebrate with,
why would we work so hard?

ready to work together?

Are you ready to 

your photography skills?


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