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Cost: $75.00 Please make checks payable to Burman Photography
Yield: 10 edited images and a print release via an online gallery from which you will download your images.
Where: The venue it is right before the sign to “Six Mile Cemetery” on SR 116. An address to go off of  is 4481 SE SR 116 (corner of 116 and 201) and the property is East, about 150 yards. There’s a driveway and an old shack!

Helpful Tips:

Working with Kids – Getting the kids prepped for the big day is key to a stress-free photography session. Let them be involved in planning outfits and props so they can be invested and excited. During the photography session, you might want to bring along a helper to stand behind the photographer and get the attention from the little ones. Finally, bringing snacks and supplies is a must with kids! 

Lookin’ Good – We all want to look our very best in a family photo, so do a little research on how to look the most flattering in pictures! There are some secrets out there that can really make a big difference! Here is one of my favorite posts on looking good in photos from our friend Cara at Maskcara.

Go with the Flow – Don’t plan so much that you can’t be flexible when needed. Some of the best pictures are captured in the moment. Remember that you are capturing memories and it doesn’t matter if everyone is in the right spot with a picture perfect smile. You want to capture your real family – how they are! Trust your photographer and follow their lead. They are the professional and will lead you to great pictures!

Order Prints – This may seem obvious, but many families get those amazing pictures taken only to have them sit on a digital screen. Have a plan for where and when you are going to print your photos. Choose a place on your wall for the new family picture to go. If you are planning to do a collage or any sort, discuss with your photographer. They will likely have input for which style of pictures would look well together. We love using to print off family pictures!

Check out the Burman Photography Pinterest Board for ideas about what to wear!