Burman Bouquet Love in Indiana

When shooting weddings I hope you get to encounter so many beautiful flowers as me. I wouldn’t say flowers make or break a wedding day, but they definitely can make things softer and more exciting as they give you a little bit extra in your pictures and in the details.

I have compiled some of my favorite bouquets from past weddings and a some of my favorite vendors!

I think it’s important to note that some of these are real flowers and some are artificial flowers. I myself had artificial flowers on my wedding day, so I can actually go and hold my bouquet again and let my daughter play with it and it was a focal point in our first house.

I’ve also seen a lot of brides pull together their own real flowers for a bouquet on their wedding day. The possibilities are endless and I want to show you some of my favorites!

This fall wedding was perfect for the darker colors and dropping real greenery! I really enjoyed using these flowers in the detail shots and they were the perfect size to let the bride carry them all day long. Not too heavy! 

These are not flowers. These are wooden carved flowers! I loved this. From far away you would never know these delicate flowers were actually wood! You can find more examples of these flowers via this link! 

These two brides loved the same florist but got such different vibes. Kristin loved the warm colors while Zoie leaned toward cooler blues. Mazie’s Flower + Gifts always does great work, and she is such a queen to work alongside! 

This bride used her bouquet to help remember her aunt, who loved sunflowers and passed away far too soon. I loved being able to capture the sunflower in not only the bride’s flowers but also the sister’s flowers! Such a wonderful way to show love and memory.

This bride had to reschedule her wedding THREE times due to COVID. When we were talking about her details she laughed and said she didn’t even remember what her florals looked like since she picked them out so long ago. I guess you could say we were both smiling when they arrived. I am a sucker for texture!

These arrangements were pulled together from Kroger greenery and favorite florals. Brides who have confidence in creating their own bouquets remind me of royals who pick their own flowers for weddings! I do love the creativity and how they can save money. 

This arrangement is so special. See, this was my sister’s bouquet and my mom and grandmother made it for her. She was like me and did artificial florals, but mixed in real greenery. GENIUS. Texture and living power. It was powerful to know that the women of her life helped create something she would hold as she walked down the aisle. 

My favorite florists around me:

Mazie’s Flowers + Gifts

Dandelions Flowers + Gifts

Posy Pot

Fields of Grace Floral Boutique

Flora Cultured


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