Business Clean Up – Day 7 – Blog About Yourself

Task #7 – Write a blog post about yourself. 

If your think posting a “Friday Introduction” on Instagram is all you need, WRONG! Stop building your only digital self on borrowed land. I like to use social media, don’t get me wrong, but I also want to have a home for all my work so if one day we woke up and there was no more IG or FB, I still had content to share.

Blogging is not dead, it is still a great way to build your SEO [search engine optimization], vendor networking, offers another opportunity to please your client and allow for them to share more about you. Something you also get is credibility and living visual proof of your work. 

It is time consuming, but the ROI [return on interest] is far greater than one image on social media. 

I use Narrative App – Publish for all my blogging. This link gives you access to a free plan or 15% off a paid plan! The building of blogs is not more visual and the app even offers suggests as you work on how to make the SEO better. Things like titles, focus words, and images descriptions are all taken care of for you. It makes blogging less scary and better on the business end. 

Want to see some of my favorite blog posts that I created using Narrative?

Summer Wedding in Indiana

Midwest Lifestyle Newborn

Golfing Model or Senior?

Blogs don’t have to be long, try writing about yourself before your clients to get warmed up. Because blogging does need to be consistent, you will see a few more tasks like this, I urge you to build your business on land you own and not on social media! 


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