Business Clean Up – Day 11 – Calibrate Your Lens

Let’s get focused on the task at hand.

Task #11 – Calibrate your lens.

Ok, so you just cleaned all the goods, now it make sure you have the sharpest focus for each lens. This is call calibrating your lens. I have also called it “Fine Tuning your Focus” and this is so important to do. No lens and camera combination out of the box are a perfect match.

Remember how I told your to make sure and format your SD cards, you should format your card each time you put it into a different camera body, like a hand shake to do business, calibrating each lens to a camera body is also important. 

I came home from a senior session a few years ago, I had just bought a new 50mm lens and upon upload, the images just weren’t sharp, a little fuzzy and I wasn’t impressed, then I did a little research and found out it wasn’t my skills, it was the lens! Calibration helps with sharper images, and more accurate focusing. You will want to calibrate each lens, to each camera body. The good news, you only have to do it once! The camera, for lack of a better description, memorizes the adjustment per lens! 

I found great tips from this blog, but used this video  to really accomplish what I needed! 

So, get focused

If you don’t have time and want to come back to this later, just pin one of these images! 

Small photography business tasks for 31 days of foundation and success. Amanda Burman shares what she does in January for a solid year.


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