Business Clean Up – Day 10 – Blog Highlights From the Year

Small photography business tasks for 31 days of foundation and success. Amanda Burman shares what she does in January for a solid year.

I know, 2020 was not always great, but you had to have a few highlights. I know I had several. Take a look back through your year, your business year.

Share some of your highlights from 2020. 

Task #10 – Write a blog about 2020 highlights. 

This could be images, maybe your top 5 favorite shots, or a list of 10 things you are proud of. Yes, blogs are great for showing off your work. Do it consistently and you will see results. The blog can also be a place for you to show some of you personality! 

If you really have a hard time thinking about business favorites, share some of personal highs, maybe you baked so many cakes, or you started a garden. Share, share, share and find those clients who adore your story, be it business or personal.


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