Business Clean Up – Day 13 – Update Contracts

Task #13 – Stop hoping you are lucky, and update/get a contract.

I know when we are get started, we most likely “Google” a contract, do our best to make it fit, and have people sign them and make copies, and we feel “protected” – I am here to tell you that you need to invest in good contracts.

I hope you never have to turn back to a contract in a way to protect or cover you behind, instead I believe contracts are actually a way for you to seem more professional AND for you to be trusted.

Family and friends still sign contracts when I work with them, my best friend is one of my associates and she signed a contract. They are to show force, NO they save relationships, when you are clear with expectations, you clear a majority of the reasons we fight. 

I purchase all of my contracts from Rachel Brenke with The Law Tog. One of the best things about her is that she is a photographer and a lawyer so she understands the craziness we encounter, and she is very active on her social media groups! I love that if I have question, she is there to help. 

I started small, I bought one for weddings, and then family sessions, and seniors (where I learned you must have a guardian sign as well!) and I use their commercial contracts too! She offered an update to all so we can be covered in the health department, because 2020. 

Check out her website here! 

I am going to mention more about Iris Works in my next blog, but that is where I do all my “back office” work for my clients! I deliver contracts they can sign digitally, and do all my email and invoices too. The days of sending a paper contract are long gone! 

Note: It is not okay to ask a photographer pal to see their contracts. It is up there with asking someone’s weight or age, or how much they make. I didn’t know this until after I had done it, and I have since apologized, so do yourself a favor and invest in a good contract. 


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