Business Clean Up – Day 22 – Build Up Your Community

Task #22: Build Up Your Community

This might seem silly, not important to do, but without people to share success, stress, and daily grinds from running a business, you will fail.

My husband is amazing, good looking, helpful, great with budgeting, did I mention good looking? His job is to support me, but doesn’t care about an upcoming conference or workshop, he also can’t understand my frustration with skin tone adjustments.

I need a community to lean on, we all need people who “get it.”

I looked for local photographers who were similar in style and had hearts of gold. Some of my first friends were Rachel, followed by Jenna. We all have different goals and personalities at weddings, but in the end we understand the struggles and celebrate victories together.

Since connecting with local ladies, I also used social media to connect with creatives like myself. I joined Facebook groups for the programs I love, and I did small group mentoring and met some of my dearest “work” friends like Darien.

Now, I am comfortable to search hashtags to find new creative friends who might be trying to do this business thing alone. I want to let them know they aren’t alone.

Even if you are just starting out, reach out, give a compliment, comment on a fun location, send a video to introduce yourself. Build up your community because they need it, and so do you.

So much of my business is about relationships. I want to come alongside you, I want to hear about your struggles and text about frustrations. Celebrating with you with my camera, and mourning with you over coffee.


…but without people to lean on and celebrate with, why would we work so hard?

I am in the middle with a white sweater, this is at The Reset Conference! Anesha Collins, the speaker in front, has since passed away from cancer, I was so thankful to learn from her.



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