Business Clean Up – Day 24 – Plan Out Social Posts

Task #24: Plan out your social media posts for two weeks!

Look, I am going to tell you a little secret.

I never post in the moment. I will use IG Stories to tell real time stories and check in, but everything else is planned.

I use to plan out all my posts on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram (you can also add Twitter, but I don’t!) This is such a time saver and even allows me to save hashtags and know when it is best to post for each platform.

The program gives me freedom during the day to focus on blogging, or working on new courses. When I was teaching this was a life saver! Funny story, I once had a parent complain that I should stop posting during the school day and focus on teaching, BAHAHAHA.

Had to explain that I plan all my business social posting outside of the classroom time and that it automatically posts for me. Then I thanked her for following my growing business and reminded her about my upcoming mini sessions.

Later is a visual program by nature, and has no pressure pricing. I used the free version for a year! I try to stay two weeks ahead in planning and would urge you to do this as well!

Get to planning. Also, don’t forget to post your face, not just your work!



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