Business Clean Up – Day 25 – 90 Day Planning

I love running a business. I like to plan and execute. The idea of marking things off my to-do list gives me joy.

When asked how I make plans for a year I laugh at them. Much like all our ledger, and quarter talk, I only make business plans for 90 days at a time.

If we learned anything in the last year, no matter how much we prepare and plan, life and mix it all up.

If you are only planning 90 days (which I usually follow up each 90 days with a 7 day rest) then you can adjust much quicker to change.

Here is my first 90 day planning in a bullet fashion:

  • Finish 1 Digital Course
  • Apply to Speak at 3 Conferences
  • Perfect Presets for sale in Q3
  • Meet with Business Coach
  • Meet with Marketing Firm
  • Hire VA
  • Shoot 5 Commercial Shoots
  • Shoot 10 Sessions
  • Prepare 2 Workshops
  • Post 2 Reels a Week – Recycle on TikTok + LinkedIn
  • Schedule Posts 2 Weeks Out Always
  • Get new Headshots
  • Change Up Ledger – Add Goals
  • Market 1 Course Hard
  • Open Studio

These are things I want to look back on in 30 days and have done. Notice so many of these are prep work, as they should be in the beginning of the year!

I can happily report many of these things are done or in the works. What a good feeling. I suggest opening a calendar and making these plans visual with markings on the calendar!

Happy Planning and remember not to get too far ahead of yourself. If you need to have some help making these goals, remember that I offer mentoring and a Springboard Meeting would be a great way to get started.

Check out more about the mentorships here.



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