Business Clean Up – Day 26 – Make Email Templates

Task #26: Create some email templates to help your business run smoother.

I love that I have email templates ready for gallery delivery, the inquiries, and even a simple, “thank you” for having me capture this moment.

These emails are not meant to create a disconnect, instead they are meant to gently lead ideal clients to correct answers, opening galleries and simply give you more time to work, and not type.

I started using templates for simple things, not in workflows. After feeling confident in those smaller emails, I then did thank you emails and after that, workflow emails!

There is nothing better than to start planning mini sessions now, and not having any worries about rewording. I try to drive as much traffic back to my website (hello SEO juice) with links and information.

I am including a few of my favorite email templates here, so you can use and adjust as needed:

Client Name,

Thank you so much for your email and interest. I am however already booked.
I would suggest checking with: local friend 1, local friend 2, local friend 3 Thank you so much for reaching out and I wish you the best of luck in planning your wedding.

Hello fabulous vendors!

It was great working with you ​during the 2020 season for the LAST NAME Wedding on July 29th​!

I just wanted to send their gallery information along and let you know that any images can be used for promotional purposes. You can view their gallery here: GALLERY LINK

Here are a few features about the gallery:
1. You can instantly share your favorites to Facebook with one click!
2. This gallery will be available for 10 years, but we recommend downloading the images that you would like for your portfolio immediately.
3. When you use them for promotional purposes, simply credit them “Burman Photography” wherever you choose to display them (both in print or web).

Just as a reminder, you can tag ​me​ on Instagram as @burmanphotography! ​I​ absolutely loved serving alongside you and ​I​ can’t wait to work together again!

Hello there,

The photos for your little one are ready for viewing! It was an honor taking photos of the newest addition to your family. It was so much fun and I hope you like the photos!

Your gallery can be viewed by clicking on the View Photos button in this email. Feel free to the share this gallery with your family and friends.

Looking forward to capture his next big milestone!

These are just a few on my email bench. I would encourage you to open a Google Doc and start typing a few just to have them in one spot. From there you can insert them in your email provider, Gmail has a template setting that helps. Iris, my CRM, also allows you to make numerous emails for leads and current clients.

I would start with making a “Thank You for booking” email, then a delivery email for each type of session you offer. After that think about little emails you could send to any client in that workflow and create one!



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