Business Clean Up – Day 28 – Master One Thing

Task #28: Pick one element of your business or equipment to master this year.

Do not try to master it in one day, but really think about something you want to be better at in the future.

I can tell you the list of things I have worked at and “mastered” in a way that makes me proud.

2016: Master Aperture

2017: Master Natural Lighting

2018: Master Natural Posing

2019: Master Off Camera Flash

2020: Master Flatlays

2021: Master Product Photography

As you can see, sometimes these were technical things, sometimes they were simple camera settings. As my business has grown I still find one thing to sink my teeth into and learn.

I never want to stop learning, I alway want to be working on one things (if not more). This should show you that I do NOT know everything.

You can’t master it all at once. So giving yourself a reachable goal for the year is going to help you feel successful and you might even become an expert who can help others!

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