Busines Clean Up – Day 9 – Deep Clean Your Camera Gear

Scrub a dub.

Task #9 – Clean your camera body, sensor, mirror, and all lenses 

I can’t tell you how important it is to clean your equipment, now more than ever. I simple wipe down with an alcohol wipe is good up keep through busy season, but a good deep clean is great this time of year. 

I have had photographers and videographers chuckle at this task, but think about it, we rub our gross hands all over the camera, we set it down to swap lenses, we then put it up to our face! So many germs.

Let’s be honest on a busy wedding day, I have been known to wear my harness into the bathroom, judge me… do it, but I know you have your phone in there too! Better clean that while you are at it. 

If you are nervous to clean your camera and gear, don’t be! This YouTube video will help, also I own this cleaning kit from Amazon. 


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