Business Clean Up – Day 15 – Think About Insurance

Small photography business tasks for 31 days of foundation and success. Amanda Burman shares what she does in January for a solid year.

Task #15 – Think about insurance!

We are creatives. We love storytelling and capturing beautiful wedding decor. What happens when you drop your one and only flash? Maybe your camera gets stolen. What if a client gets hurt while at a session and blames your posing?

I don’t like thinking about these things, but when running a business, you must think of the worst cases. Having insurance for my business has helped me grow in confidence.

There are many types of insurance, and I would urge you to meet with a local agent. Many places actually have a “photographer” cocktail of sorts to keep you covered.

The big ones for me were professional liability coverage, business property coverage, and data loss coverage. I pay close to $400 a year to have confidence that no matter what happens, I am prepared.

Not only does photography insurance protect you, but it can also protect your clients and help you pay for unexpected legal expenses or attorney fees. Items got lost or damaged all the time and working with people can be very unpredictable. You’ve worked hard to build your business, so don’t let these unexpected events put you at financial risk.



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