Business Clean Up – Day 16 – Show Your Face

Task #16 – Show your face on some social media!

I bet you make beautiful images, actually if you are building your business, I know your craft is solid and you just want the business side to be stronger.

I always thought my portfolio would bring me my ideal clients. Turns out, that just brings them to your website, or social media. You, your face, your funny stories, that is what gets clients to book sessions.

Show your face on your social media feed, stories, in blog posts and sprinkle in your personality. You are your brand. I love this TedTalk on how symbols and branding shape our life.

Today I want you to share what you are working on, post a picture of yourself in your feed, share the blog about yourself.

Build your brand, by showing your face.

You are interesting, you are smart, you are creative, they should hire you.

Do you need more information on why you need headshots, click here for that blog post!



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