Business Clean Up – Day 17 – New Hard Drive + Photo Systems

Task #17 – Set up a new hard drive + clean up your photo system!

This is a perfect time to get a new hard drive and to clean up your organizing system.

I have a hard drive for each year, this is just a good way to start fresh and have clear ends in your organizing systems. My Passport Ultra for Mac is the hard drive I lean on and love.

Note: I back up to my hard drive, and then I have that back up automatically to a cloud based system. Crashplan is the best.

Being organized helps you feel prepared, and will also help you share more blogs, social media posts, and even update your website. Stay organized, stay booked.

Lastly, make your system visual!

I go into the hard drive and make all my months like this:

  1. – January
  2. – February
  3. – March
  4. – April
  5. – May
  6. – June
  7. – July
  8. – August
  9. – September
  10. – October
  11. – December

Then inside the folders, I name the sessions by date, and name.

Example: 9 – Jane Smith Engagement

Then inside that folder, I name four other folders:

  • Raw
  • Culled
  • Previews
  • Edited

I go in detail about my system in my “Building Your Business with Burman” course. You can check that out here!



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