Business Clean Up – Day 18 – 3 More Blogs

Task #18 – Yes, blog three of your session, so many blogs.

Look, blogging is part of the job. Personally, I really hate having a “portfolio or gallery” on my website. I would much rather have potential clients (heck anyone) look at my work via blogs!

I challenge you to blog THREE of your past sessions. I just blogged a few from the fall and will use my down time in the winter to catch up with blogging. Think of blogs as extensions to your social media!

Plus, if your favorite social media were to be gone, you still have your own media, YOUR blog!

Here are a few of my most recent posts, see how many pictures I use? Between 10-15 images, and as for writing aim for 3 small paragraphs. I love writing (I did major in English Education afterall), but being long winded isn’t helping clients. Be sure to end a blog with a “Call To Action” so if they like your work, they have a quick button to book you!

Note: Weddings will be longer, and you should always include vendor links!




Are you loving these blogs and are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed? Good, that means you are here to grow, ready to create and not just consume.

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