Business Clean Up – Day 19 – Reconcile Q3

Task #19 – Reconcile Quarter 3 Ledger

Yes, again I am asking you to look back on your ledger. (Not to give anything away, in a few days, I will have you visit Q4).

Look through your previous year, make sure you didn’t miss any sessions, this quarter is often my busiest for income since people are prepaying for fall sessions.

I urge you to look back at ledgers to also make goals for the coming year! Nothing like real number to help give you a push for the coming ledgers.

If you spent $300 on food stops after sessions, try to spend $100 this coming year, and use that extra money to pay for some Ads on Facebook.

You will never know your weaknesses until you stare them in the face.

You will never know your success until you see it printed on a ledger.



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