Business Clean Up – Day 20 – Update Programs + Presets

Task #20 – Update all the programs and presets for the coming year.

Having quality programs to edit and run your business with will make your job easier and even better, but are you using the most recent update? We get notifications on our phones when we need to update an iOS, consider this post a reminder to do the same for your work programs and presets.

I like to use one day to update my Adobe Suite (I do have it set up to automatically update, but do a quick check to make sure everything is updated.)

Take a moment and think about all the programs you use as you edit and prepare your images for publishing or sharing.

I work with Narrative – Publish for building my blogs, and I also use Albumstomp and those programs need updated as well – take a look and make sure you have the latest version.

Presets, oh presets.

I love and hate them.

I like them for helping create my style, I also hate that they are not one size fits all. You cannot lean on them to make your pictures POP. You need to understand editing and color wheels and shadows and healthy skintones.

Take a moment and delete any presets you don’t use anymore, and adjust your favorites to really match the style you are going for in the coming year.

Side note: I like to use this time in my season to maybe re-edit some sessions and make my style really solid going into a season. This would be a good time to take notes about how your images need to look IN CAMERA so your presets work even better.

For example, I learned that I needed to shoot a little cooler and under exposed a few stops to create glowing skin without blowing out highlights. See, use this time to grow and perfect your style!

Back to updating, I often purchase a few preset packs during the holiday season (you know, all the good deals are in November!) and I finally have time to import the presets!

Update and feel prepared for busy season, or don’t and be ready to cry frustrated tears in October.



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